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Amazonian Mushrooms, also known as the PES Amazonian or Amazonian Cubensis, is a potent member of the Psilocybe Cubensis group. Amazonian Magic Mushrooms are found abundantly in Central and South America and used recreationally and ceremoniously. This strain of psychedelic mushrooms is a higher concentration of psychoactive components, particularly psilocybin and psilocin. It is also recommended as the most strong member of the cubensis group, its effects last for long (6 to 8 hours) and effects vary from person to person. This potent strain of mushrooms is considered for its’ entheogenic properties and used by many ancient indigenous cultures as spiritual enlightenment. Although it has a high concentration of psilocybin and psilocin, yet the effect of this strain is moderate and provides visual and auditory hallucinations. People use Amazonian magic mushrooms for cerebral purposes or mental or spiritual development.

PES Amazonian Cubensis is an abundant fruiter and has a fast-growing capacity and potency. It also produces large flushes. Amazonian Magic mushrooms are widely cultivated with the easy and effective magic mushroom grow kit.

History of Amazonian Magic Mushroom

Amazonian Magic Mushrooms strains, that was found in the Amazonian Jungle, are developed by a company ‘Pacifica Spora’. If you want to experience the authentic psychedelic, then you can try this strain.

How To Grow Amazonian Magic Mushrooms?

You can grow Amazonian Magic Mushroom in 2 ways, the first one is by using a PES Amazonian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit, and the other one is by the PES Amazonian Spores.

  1. PES Amazonian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

A grow kit is an easy and effective way to grow the PES Amazonian Magic Mushrooms. By ordering a shroom grow kit, you can grow them yourself. You can easily buy the grow kits from an online store, they deliver high-quality mushroom grow kits just at your home.

For the fast-growing Amazonian Shrooms, you will need an effective grow kit, and to get the right grow kit, you need to choose the right online store. At togoshrooms, you can get the grow kit of the highest quality.

  1. PES Amazonian Spores

Rather than buying a grow kit, you can grow Amazonian mushrooms with spores from a syringe. This is an advanced way of mushroom cultivation. Advanced cultivation means grow kits without Mycelium. Spores are available in Vials, Prints, and Syringes.

Characteristics of a PES Amazonian Mushroom

Amazonian Mushrooms generally have an average height of more than six inches, while some hits 12 inches. It has a beautiful cap over it and has a pronounced nipple in the center and its diameter is about one to two inches with convex to plane surfaces when it matures. As soon as they start to mature, the color of the cap is dark red, it only remains in the center of the cap. These mushroom strains have very interesting and exotic shapes.

Effects of Amazonian Mushrooms

The Amazonian magic mushrooms are perfect for the cerebral and party purposes for an intense visual trip when it is consumed in a limited amount. This is a great psychedelic cubensis strain for all situations and occasions.

But if you are a newbie, you should start with a smaller dose and then go for the intense, when you have an idea how they affect your mind and body.

Dosage Guide

The usual dose for most magic mushroom strains is between 1 and 2.5 grams. It also depends on you, what type of trip are you looking for “Intense or Low”?

So, as per your capacity, you can consume it, start with the minimum dosage and then go to the maximum, by understanding “how your body reacts?”.

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